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by Louis Postel for Graphisoft USA / Archicad

How to reverse drastic declines in Facebook’s organic reach.

Let’s say you’re giving a lecture on architecture to five hundred of your most ardent followers. It’s something you care about deeply. Years in the making, multiple more-than-satisfied stakeholders, leading engineers working around the clock, advanced, sustainable technologies, major impact, along with a Pritzker thrown in for good measure. Read more

What Can Design Do, Really? | New England Home

Lisa Reindorf

by Louis Postel | Trade Secrets in New England Home| August 2016

Newton, MA-based architect and artist Lisa Reindorf and her partner Mitchell Goldman of Goldman Reindorf Architects have been consulting on a new film called Cortex with Josh Lucas premiering next year. Does not such a project point to the future of design itself, how the neurons and synapses in our brains shape the spaces we live in, and are shaped in return by those same spaces? And how fitting for Reindorf and Goldman to be the ones exploring this brave new frontier between architecture and neuroscience. After all, Goldman Reindorf just designed MIT’s Neuroscience Lab. Read more

Feel the Blur     

Pamir, a handmade jewel glass mosaic shown in Quartz, Iolite and Lapis Lazuli, is part of the Ikat Collection by Sara Baldwin for New Ravenna Mosaics.Take the next step: prices, samples and design help,

  by Louis Postel in Showboats International June 2016       


As luxury items become increasingly globalized and mass marketed, Ikat is leading the opposition.

On a field of snow and frozen mud, Uzbek horsemen of Central Asia play a form of polo with a goat carcass. Another stands apart, about to release a falcon into the crystal air. But it’s their splendid Ikat clothing that catches our attention.

For Ikat’s unique designs, born of a painstaking tie and dye “resist” weaving process, bring us from the tribal to the modern mega-yacht world in a psychic second. Ikat’s blurred geometric patterns are soft, its rhythms a quiet breath in a noisy world. Read more

Through the Looking Glass

1-louis design times

Trade Secrets by Louis Postel, first published in New England Home, July 2016

Transparency. Transparency. Transparency. Now, more than ever, we want to know what’s going on. Not the appearance of what’s going on, but what’s really going on. Transparency, after all, is the stock in trade of the design profession: the play of light and shadow, windows and walls.

Is that handsome, silver-haired politician merely the tool of lobbyists? Is that proud, global-thinking auto executive cheating at every opportunity? Is America’s favorite, pinochle-playing Dad also a rapist? Read more

How Low Can You Go? | Showboats International

by Louis Postel

Leda Table Sculpture | Dali
Leda Table Sculpture | Dali

Coffee tables just slightly elevated from the floor endure a bad rap for being hazardous to your health. Strategically deployed to trip you up, or whack you on the shin, they’re blamed for contributing to yet one more surface for collecting clutter. But Low tables may also contribute to world peace, at least in that bit of the world circumscribed by salon, sky deck, and stateroom.

That’s because low coffee tables encourage relationships between people, mooring them together by as though by invisible stern lines into an eye-to-eye proximity. Rather than finding oneself barricaded behind a chest-high slab of a table, like a witness before a Congressional hearing, you and yours are left pleasantly wide-open across a low surface. It’s both friendlier and more engaged, whether spearing and sharing martini olives or delicately laying down sunglasses side by side. Read more