Through the Looking Glass

louis in black and white by janik
Louis Postel

Trade Secrets by Louis Postel, first published in New England Home, July 2016

Transparency. Transparency. Transparency. Now, more than ever, we want to know what’s going on. Not the appearance of what’s going on, but what’s really going on. Transparency, after all, is the stock in trade of the design profession: the play of light and shadow, windows and walls.

Is that handsome, silver-haired politician merely the tool of lobbyists? Is that proud, global-thinking auto executive cheating at every opportunity? Is America’s favorite, pinochle-playing Dad also a rapist? Read more

What can design do, really? | New England Home

by Louis Postel | Trade Secrets in New England Home | August 2016

Newton, MA-based architect and artist Lisa Reindorf has been consulting on something called the Cortex of Perception. Does not such a project point to the future of design itself, how the neurons and synapses in our brains shape the spaces we live in, and are shaped in return by those same spaces? And how fitting for Reindorf and her partner Mitchell Goldman to be the ones exploring this brave new frontier between architecture and neuroscience. After all, Goldman Reindorf just designed MIT’s Neuroscience Lab. Read more