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    Avon Masterpiece Calling

    Simply Perfect first appeared in New England Home July 2013 by Louis Postel Cabriole legs, Louis XVI legs, fluted and reeded legs, legs trimmed with bronze collars, legs with brass toe pieces called sabots, legs with a barley spiral twist… Legs and more legs stride across the loft wall at Masterpiece Woodworks in Avon, Massachusetts. Of all the imaginable leg…

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    Will We Know It When We See It? | NE HOME

    Trade Secrets by Louis Postel | Published in New England Home Magazine November 2014 You don’t have to be an Episcopalian. You don’t even have to be an architect, designer, or builder to experience the beauty of Trinity Church in Boston this yuletide season… Nor do you have to be a Catholic to experience the beauty of the Basilica of…

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    D for Design in our Polar Vortex

    From Trade Secrets by Louis Postel published in New England Home Back in April, The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston introduced a show called D is for Design (through February 22). The curators juxtaposed works on paper from its own collection, a refreshing and synergistic mix  of design, art and architecture — disciplines that in our specialized, super-efficient world…

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    Your Venice is Now

    by Louis Postel The Boston Design Center once felt like Venice on a May morning — mostly still does, minus the pigeon splatter —  rich in pageantry and promise — a car-free, close knit city projecting into the harbor, high-ceilings, its quiet broken only by human sounds. How pleasant to recall that early era when General Manager Laura Crosby, PR…

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    The Design Comedy

    First published in New England Home May/June 2014 | Trade Secrets by Louis Postel Deep in the dark woods of design a professional might easily find herself lost in mid-career. After all the meetings and memos, calculations and re-calculations, what does it all mean? What do I really want?What do my clients want? What does the world want?

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    The Architecture of Cosmetics

    The Packaging is art. The thinking behind it is science. What a beautiful combination. by Louis Postel {First published in Season in the Sun Magazine, Palm Springs, CA. My friend Stewart Weiner was the editor and publisher. Before that he was the editor of Writer's Digest, an editor at TV Guide, and somewhere in between , Stewart and I worked…

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    Writing Well Is Our Community Service

    “They laughed when I sat down to write a résumé…”   “Then I got a good-paying job…” How do you feel when a job application asks you to “tell us about yourself,” or an advertisement requires you to email a résumé and cover letter? How comfortable are you writing a memo to your boss, a report, or proposal?