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In August and September, 2014, I was able to attend three writing seminars led by Louis Postel. They were excellent. First of all, I was so pleased to see that such seminars were being offered.  I happen to have a background in writing and enjoy it.  However, I have been Read more…

By Louis Postel, ago
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It’s a Hard Life

Exploring Couture Surfaces for Showboats International

by Louis Postel | January 2016 IMG_96531 [dropcap]T[/dropcap]he most challenging thing about the latest generation of laser-cut surfaces of couture stone and shell is this: you can’t use too much of it. Its very uniqueness defies book-matching, the art of joining pieces together to resemble an open book. Those crazy veins and swells of color are very much one of a kind. Even if you succeeded in matching them up,  their brilliance and patterning if over-deployed could make a space look distractingly psychedelic.  Picture hash pipes and disco balls completing this scene! So just a little couture surfacing does a lot, punctuating low-key, minimalist M/Y interiors with high drama: on the surfaces of a card tables, bars and vanities, or as focal points on a wall or floor. (more…)

By Louis Postel, ago
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