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Ahoy to Hollywood

by Louis Postel for “Boat Life” in Showboats International | July 2015

beyonce and jay z on yachtWhen visiting the homes and yachts of mega stars, how aware we become that for these lucky few they’re always on stage whether they like it or not.

As soon as you cross the threshold, or step off the tender, the stars’ personae seems to grow on their own volition, setting aglow every space and surface, every table and chair, every rug and bedsheet. Such furnishings, in fact, can make our hosts as well as their guests appear effortlessly and extraordinarily mahvelous — and in so doing the we are inspired to return the favor, leaving  a trail of fairy dust on these their loyal possessions.

At the risk of prying, we’ve taken note of certain of these mega star effects — effects that have worked great magic staging their domestic set.

Like it or not.

beyonce leapingFor Knights at Sea

beyonce.tableIf you missed the YouTube of a frolicsome Beyoncé Knowles bounding off an M/Y in a weenie bikini courtesy of her rapper husband Jay Z, you can always Google it. If you want to set your laptop on a surface just like the one the couple purchased for $70,000, simply click the Hudson Furniture link below. Designed by Barlas Baylar, the live-edged, walnut and cast-bronze  “Knight Base Table” captures Baylar’s eminent style, a minimalist riff on art deco.  The scene-stealing stainless steel “Mother Chandelier” is by Baylar, as well. Table: 108” long x 36”-40” wide x 30” high.


brad.pitt.chairSit with Pitt

Not to be outdone by Ms. Knowles, Angelina Jolie famously posed on her and her husband Brad Pitt’s M/Y Xposure  sporting her signature black cap paired  with black and white drawstring shorts. What is less known is Pitt’s serious and deep commitment to design. Hence the limited edition, polyurethane CC-2 club chair above, part of a line of furnishings that he designed with furniture maker Frank Pollaro, with whom he happened to share a sketchbook full of his ideas. Prices on request.


sotheby.navajo.rugFor Chieftains Only

Singer Andy Williams took us all for a soul-voyage with his universal hit Moon River by Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer: Moon river, wider than a mile / I’m crossing you in style someday / Oh, dream maker…

What was less known, at least until the Sotheby’s auction in May of 2013 was the extent of Williams’ collection of antique Navajo blankets from the American Southwest. Like other tribal weavings, the blankets’ designs are uncannily compatible with modernist interiors. Designed for a chief in soft, finely woven handspun churro and raveled wool with alternating bands in ivory and shaded brown, overlaid by four pairs of parallel stripes of indigo blue. 53” by 67” the hammer fell on this one for $221,000.


clooney.amal.peter-reed-nuns-pleatingGet Thee to Nun’s Pleating

To set the scene for romance and lend a whole new meaning to the expression “ahoy, there, mate” we recommend Nun’s Pleating products from Peter Reed in the UK, the duvet cover (325 GBP) and flat sheets (158 GBP)  Why? Because if the world’s most celebrated newlyweds, actor George Clooney and civil rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin finally choose to settle down in the estate they’ve been eyeing to such fanfare, set in the middle of the Thames, called Aberlash House, they will find that Nun’s Pleating already in use as the established bedding of choice.


agave_superior_caramelSizzle My Sisal

At 6’ 1” tall, former Victoria’s Secret Angel Karlie Kloss has a long way to look down to where her feet  meet her Agave Superior carpet from Merida Studio.  And so it is tempting and charming to look along with her. Merida Studio deserves attention as well. Based in Fall River, MA in what was once the heart of the U.S. textile industry, Merida has emerged as the dominant player and major innovator in weaving sisal from the agave plant. Using the whitest, and longest of these rapidly renewable, super strong fibers,  Merida rugs are highly unlikely to ever unravel, or lose their particular sheen worthy of a stunning lingerie model such as Karlie Kloss.