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    Zillow Talk

    er Kate Coughlin of Boston, MA has clients anyone would want: “They want to have a lot of fun. They are after a more light-hearted, family-friendly aesthetic…tired of all the heavy brown furniture. One very traditional client I am working with now just requested a neutral palette dotted with mid-century pieces for her new home in Aspen.”

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    Adventures in Perception | Artist Youjin Moon

    Will AI-driven robots replace designers and artists? Count on it, say the futurists. No one is immune. Not so fast, insist philosophers of art and design. They have long held that practitioners have something even the most gifted AI robot won’t be able to hack: an imagination. That is, artists and designers can create images, forms and spaces from that…

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    The Blue Grid

    “How about when someone doesn’t use Yelp or post on Instagram, then what?” interjected a cell phone interface designer standing in the back of a Design Museum pop-up breakfast event held in July. Rick Kuhn, the award-winning Design Director of the Boston office of Perkins + Will, paused at the lectern. He had been explaining how his team collected social…

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    Trade Only Tip 106: Social Media Leadership in 2 Steps

    Ideas about leadership are changing fast. From the Lee Iacocca “my way or the highway” model, we are recognizing the immense value of the leader who quietly makes a safe space in which to work and to get a job done right. We are talking about the kind of design professional who can orchestrate colleagues, partners, clients, subs, vendors, craftsmen,…