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Social media advocacy marketing just doesn’t work for design firms. The content being posted is just too subtle, or too confidential, and the stakes far too high.    [caption id="attachment_3889" align="alignleft" width="150"] Carolyn Brundage[/caption] After all, what employee of an architectural firm in his right mind would risk blogging, sharing, tweeting or posting about a project voluntarily on his own Facebook page, or Twitter account? It’s a nice idea, but first consider the downside of all that free marketing, the possible negative consequences of channeling employees’ social media engagement on behalf of the firm. (more…)

By Louis Postel, ago
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Where designers go for antiques

by Louis Postel, first published in New England Home / Connecticut | November, 2016 [dropcap]H[/dropcap]ow do you separate the super serious designer from the merely serious? Had you been at the opening of the R.T. Facts Gallery on 8 Barns Road in Kent, CT one Saturday night in June, the difference between super serious and serious would have been as clear as the antique mirrors on the walls. While the merely serious held their pale Pamplemousse margaritas to the light, air-kissed design Illuminati Bunny Williams, Robert Couturier, John Roselli, Amy Mellon of Calvin Klein Home among others, toasted R.T Facts owners and impresarios Natalie and Greg Randall, marveled at the 8,000 square foot barn space with its twenty foot ceilings, beams, trusses, skylights, and concrete walls the super serious ignored all this and went straight to the stuff on display. (more…)

By Louis Postel, ago