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Redefining “Unique Content”

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Redefining “Unique Content”: During the “Ultimate Q&A” session at MozCon 2013 last month, I was asked the foll…


Louis Postel‘s insight:

Was it James Joyce who said there are really only three stories on this planet: birth, death, and rebirth?


I feel that what makes content unique is how those three stories are told. Stories, mind you; not subjects. A unique subject is not a story. Kitchen pantries, for example. Good subject for an interior design piece on how to keep your kitchen clutter-free. It’s definately in line with the latest design developments towards “clean lines.” But now what’s the story? Birth (how that pantry was created), death (how the old kitchen had to go), re-birth (how that unused closet space became a pantry). I can see every one of the above as a platform for unique content.

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