Has Traditional Marketing Hit a Dead End?

Upscale, discriminating consumers zip through TV advertisements.

Listen to commercial-free online and satellite radio.

Check Caller ID before answering a telephone.

Deploy ever more effective pop-up blockers and spam filters.

That’s why one old/new form of marketing has proven so valuable at breaching the shields put up by today’s hype-weary and hyper-wary shoppers.

It’s custom media and content: custom publications such as magazines, blogs, brochures, direct mail and inserts; also known as branded editorial, branded media, custom marketing, strategic content, branded content, and, lately, social marketing.

Whatever the label, few can deny the growing effectiveness of custom editorial. After all, this most welcome and subtle form of marketing invites but never intrudes on customer awareness. It provides useful and timely information. Plus, it makes use of today’s most captivating and convenient media, from blogs, websites, and smart phones – to custom eBooks, magazines, and brochures — to targeted social media and corporate events that end up as brand-building stories in the media.

And no company is more adept at planning and providing custom editorial solutions than Boston’s Postel Ink


At Postel Ink, we specialize in branded editorial addressing the luxury market, drawing sales and repeat business from the most discerning and demanding consumers on the planet. La crème de la crème.

We have produced breakthrough results for entrepreneurs involved in real estate, publishing and media, schools and universities, finance and high-tech, as well as retailers and wholesalers. We especially cater to the needs of growing businesses, offering big-league expertise at little-guy prices.

And unlike many other custom editorial providers who boast of astronomical click-throughs — or the infinite share-ability of blog posts — we have the know-how to deliver ten well-heeled repeat customers rather than a million page views from window shoppers.

The result is affordable editorial and design solutions that lure discerning customers and drive sales month after month, season after season, year after year.

We invite you to see how we can put the power of custom editorial solutions to work for your company. Now more than ever, it pays to use Postel Ink. We look forward to hearing from you.

Jerry Danzig, Associate, Postel-Ink

Growing businesses in Boston since 1986 with unique editorial solutions

  • On budget custom publishing and design: magazines, blogs, brochures in print, web and multimedia
  • Clutter-eliminating story-telling, selling and information
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Meet our team: 

Louis Postel, photo by Francis Janik
Louis Postel, photo by Francis Janik

Storyteller in Chief Louis Postel has been editing and publishing luxury publications ever since launching Design Times, “The Style of New England[metaslider id=1824” in 1986. Guest interiors by and for international celebrities included: Cheryl Tiegs, Skitch Henderson, Jane Seymour, Mario Buatta, Ivana Trump, Lady Henrietta Spencer-Churchill, Juan Montoya, and Bill Blass among others. Louis’ editorial contributions range from “Trade Secrets” in New England Home which he co-founded in 2005 to “Design Focus” in Showboats International which he joined as Style Consultant in 2007. 

web pictures 003Associate Rob Hartz has been helping to grow businesses that are now household names, such as Fidelity Investments, Caremark, and Bristol- Myers Squibb, with a concentration on sales and relationship-building for his entire career.

JerryDanzignewAssociate Jerry Danzig is an award-winning, Dartmouth-educated direct mail and advertising pro. Learning from the master storytellers at Ogilvy and Mather in its heyday, Danzig now has his own consulting company.

We have been growing businesses in Boston and New York  with budget-conscious editorial, and storytelling solutions in print, web and multimedia platforms since 1986: custom magazines, blogs, brochures all help us tell your business story with useful, engaging information.

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