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Designer Mary O'Neill
Designer Mary O’Neill

In August and September, 2014, I was able to attend three writing seminars led by Louis Postel.

They were excellent.

First of all, I was so pleased to see that such seminars were being offered.  I happen to have a background in writing and enjoy it.  However, I have been a practicing interior designer for the last ten years.  Louis offered clear and creative suggestions as to how I might better present myself and my work to prospective clients.

There were typically a dozen or so participants in each seminar.  Louis worked with us as a group.  However, he also took the time to address some of our specific writing concerns.

I hope Louis will continue to offer seminars.  He understands and appreciates the world of interior designers, architects, builders and remodelers.  He provides a wonderful service to those of us in the field. Mary O’Neill | Mary O’Neill Interior Design | North Andover, MA   01845 |

Louis is a great writer and teacher of writing. I can almost guarantee that you will walk away with tips you’ll use in your social media content and strategy! — S. Bradford Smith, President, Architectural Electronics, Inc. | Audio Video Design, Security Design Consultants & New Elements | Westwood, Osterville & Nantucket, MA & Portsmouth, NH | ¨

Louis guides the writing process in a calm fluid manner over the course of two hours. (He) emphasizes better writing through many different exercises, while acknowledging different styles and methods. Through hearing others reflections and Louis’ own, the act of creative writing becomes much less fragmented and has allowed me to slow down, flourish, and find my inner voice. — Cameron King | Business Development + Outreach Coordinator | PAUL LUKEZ ARCHITECTURE |Somerville, MA | ¨

Marilyn Macleod
Marilyn Macleod

I attended all of Louis Postel’s workshops last year and it was fabulous to learn about the writing process from such a talented writer.  (I) learned how best to convey our stories clearly, concisely and with a little spice.  If you have trouble writing about yourself or your business, Louis will get you started in the right direction! — Marilyn MacLeod, Designer | Artist, Lee Design,

I appreciated the individual feedback from Louis on my writing. This was a great workshop for me as I take my business to the next level. — Elaine Frederick, Photographer, Providence, RI

The workshops are a marvelous opportunity to learn from Louis Pastel.  He helped to structure my writing and put my wandering thoughts in order. It was especially important for me being not a native English speaker. The workshops were intensive, very creative and used a lot of non-trivial teaching techniques.

Everything was tuned up to the specific auditors – mix of artists, architects, interior designers, decorators and web designers. However when my husband, who is a software engineer, joined the class for one of the sessions he found it useful and entertaining as well.

My feeling is that everybody found something new and interesting to learn. —Tamara Wolfson | Muralist |

¨Louis taught by using techniques that were easy to understand and remember. By creating an inviting and non-judgmental atmosphere, he was able to help each participant use simple strategies to enhance their own writing.

No matter what role a person has in a company, they have to communicate by writing. Louis is able to hone each person’s skills to make their emails, letters, and promotional literature more impactful. —Beezee Honan, Designer Bath, Salem, MA

Susan CorsonAs a designer, I’m so focused on the visual part of my job and that is how I communicate with my clients. There’s a lot of intuitive thinking about what I show people and what I don’t. The hardest part comes when someone asks me to explain – in words! – how I came to that design decision and that’s where the writing workshop really helped me.

I simply did not have the tools to organize my thoughts. Pathos! Ethos! Logos! How to start at the beginning – the challenge – and get to a Solution. I didn’t realize I was skipping over steps.

The workshop really helped me analyze and then share in a much more confident way. (I missed it when it was over!). — Susan Corson, Susan Corson Designs |